Additions & Renovations

Residential additions and renovations come in all shapes and sizes. Some are historic houses on urban lots that require careful restoration; others are suburban houses that require expansion for a growing family. Some are rambling farmhouses that are in need of repair and updating for modern living; others are small lake cottages that need to be grown while respecting their rustic origins.

Sometimes the site is perfect for the client, but the house is wrong. In a case like that, the existing house can often be altered to suit the owner’s program and taste without having to go to the trouble and expense of tearing it down and starting all over. Sometimes the client loves a house, but just needs more of it. In that case, we expand it in such a way that the new extension is indistinguishable from the original structure.

Some houses are modified for “aging in place”: adapting the living spaces to allow for accessibility for current or future disability. Others are more concerned with making an older house more green and energy efficient. All of these projects are individual, and I approach them as such.

AfterLakeside Cottage

Great RoomWaterfront Addition

full_glp1Castle on a Lake

AfterWater View

full_bronfin2Colonial Renovation


Lake Addition

AfterCape Addition

AfterMaine Seaside

Downeast CoastDowneast Coast

 DSCN0791Bay Cottage