Additions Renovations: Colonial Renovation

Project Objective: Sometimes a house needs just a couple of small changes to make it really right for a client. This could be a new kitchen, a bigger bath for the kids, more windows in a dark family room. In this case, an otherwise handsome turn-of-the-20th-century colonial house had an awkward entry portico (in terms of both form and function). The front of the existing garage was plain and in poor condition. These flaws added up to a major distraction from the otherwise pleasing appearance of the home.

We created a new entry portico and garage facade that were in keeping with the existing house. Zoning required the new portico to have the same footprint as the existing one. Designing the new portico to be large enough to be in scale with the front of the house and yet still meet the stringent zoning requirements created a particular challenge–one that I feel we met successfully.