New Homes

Many of the houses I’ve been privileged to design are in places chosen for their unique locations or views. Others are on ordinary streets in towns and suburbs. Some are primary residences, some are second homes. Some are for families with young children, some are for couples, and others are for retirees. All have two unique factors: you–the client–and the site. The design must be focused on this uniqueness.

There are, however, some common factors that are addressed in all the designs. I value quality over quantity: designs should be efficient with the use of space. Too little and you are cramped, but too much and you have simply wasted space and, more importantly, money. I follow the “Not Too Big” concept of design.

Energy efficiency is another primary concern. I offer the client such options as super-insulation, passive solar, and right-sized, efficient mechanical systems and appliances whenever they are appropriate.

Modern Cove House Modern Cove House

RearLakefront Log Cabin


ItaliaCountry House

EntryHillside House

Rear DeckHouse in the Woods

Full ViewArts & Crafts House

DSCN0786New House, Old Frame