Modern Cove Cottage

This second home is currently under construction here on the Maine coast, on a wooded property jutting out into a lovely cove. Due to site setback restrictions, the building envelope was very small—and shaped like a triangle. The owners didn’t want to settle for a tiny house, so we came up with an exciting solution: a triangular house. The design was done in collaboration with the very talented owners. Their goal was a modern esthetic that would take maximum advantage of the panoramic water views and be extremely energy efficient. The walls are insulated concrete forms, which will be covered in stucco on the outside and plaster on the inside. The roof, with its sweeping overhangs, is built of engineered wood, insulated with closed-cell spray foam, and sheathed in metal. The triangle point closest to the water will overhang a patio and be supported by a triangle-shaped outdoor fireplace.