New Homes: Hillside House

Project Objective: Some sites are more challenging than others. This one is very steep, extremely narrow, and not very deep. It’s a neighborhood where the houses are built out virtually to the lot sidelines. Zoning made the available footprint even smaller. Fitting a house for an active young family into this tight space presented a challenge.

To meet it, we broke the house into three levels, with the kitchen, eating area, and a small living space on the middle floor. The three bedrooms are on the top floor, and the lowest level is used for family space that opens to the back yard and the lake beyond. Because the house has good views to the back, the addition of plentiful windows makes the spaces there feel larger, and makes up for the lack of windows on the sides.

The family generally uses a stone stairway down from street level to access the main floor, but for bad weather, there is a short covered bridge connecting the garage and the upper floor.