Commercial & Public

I have had the pleasure of working not only on homes, but also on a wide range of nonresidential projects. These have included healthcare offices, stores, small conference/educational centers, daycare centers, municipal buildings, churches, firehouses, animal shelters, children’s summer camps, and even an historic railway station.

Education Center

This small conference and residential education center at a rural camp for urban children includes classrooms, administrative offices, sleeping rooms for 52, a dining room, and community spaces. The budget was tight, but the client was both focused on what they needed and flexible as to how we achieved it.


Located at a busy suburban intersection, this building provides 6,000 square feet of office and retail space. In order to facilitate pedestrian traffic while also maintaining the building line of this downtown area, we brought the building right up to the sidewalk and extended the roof to include a covered walkway.


This simple, energy-efficient building houses the town office and town library of a small fishing village on the Maine coast. The building’s form and finishes are designed to blend in with the working-waterfront neighborhood in which it is located.


This train station had fallen on hard times. Its last use had been as a police station, after which it had spent many years unoccupied and unmaintained. Most of the original trim and ornamentation was gone, and the building was in very poor structural condition. Fortunately, the original plans still existed, and we were able to bring the old station back to its former glory. The building now serves as a community center and gallery.


A coastal Maine town needed a new firehouse and public-safety building. The design, which had to be extremely budget conscious and fully up to date, reflects the architectural style of this old fishing village.